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Mercury CD-Rom Authoring Tool

Mercury serves a Graphical Front-End to the open-source CD-Rom-Command-line Tools like cdrecord, vcdimager, mkisofs and so on. The Purpose is the make CD creating as simple as possible. It will handle Audio-CD's (CDDA'S), Video-CD's (VCD's), Data-Cd's (for Data-Backups)...all made with a simple to use drag'n'drop interface. Including ripping of CD's.
I've missed such gui, since I've changed my OS to Linux. Heard bout many others users, having too.
Please have a look to the screenshots. to see what I mean.

Mercury is a brand new project. The Software is in a pre-alpha state. There exists a *.tar.gz source-archive to allow a look on my work to everyone interessed in it. But Mercury isn't still finished, so I don't know if there's a use to an end-user at this phase of the project. No Warranties are give, that all the functions work, cause I know the won't, so please take a look at the planned project steps to see what will come next. Logo